Massive cleanup for southern Alberta residents following intense summer storm

Click to play video: 'Massive cleanup for southern Alberta residents following intense summer storm' Massive cleanup for southern Alberta residents following intense summer storm
WATCH: A storm system moved through parts of southern and central Alberta Tuesday night hitting homes in Strathmore, Lyalta and Langdon. It was so intense, residents were convinced it was a tornado, but Environment Canada said it was straight-line winds. Jill Croteau reports on the aftermath – Jun 29, 2022

A wild storm moved through southern and central Alberta Tuesday evening. It grew so intense, it triggered a tornado warning east of Calgary.

Residents were forced to take shelter as it hit parts of Lyalta, Langdon and Carseland.

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Mother Nature showed no mercy on the Pennacchiettis’ Lyalta acreage.

Pennacchietti’s home. Jill Croteau/Global News

Hail shredded their yard, broke glass and the unforgiving force of it tore apart their awning.

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The winds sent remnants of it clear across the yard.

Their home’s awning was ripped apart by hail and rain. Jill Croteau/Global News

Danielle Pennacchietti said it was scary.

“It sounded like a freight train. We couldn’t see out the windows and it just started trashing everything. It knocked out that gazebo big time and just took everything out.

Her husband, Jim Pennacchietti, said the storm moved in fast.

“Nothing you can do but watch. You don’t want to run outside or you would get pummeled pretty bad.”

Glass shattered in their greenhouse. Jill Croteau/Global News

“We were just walking around and shaking our heads, relieved it didn’t hurt our livestock. This is all replaceable,” Danielle said.

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This is the second time they’ve been hit.

In 2012, a tornado tore through, destroying their home. Environment Canada said the straight-line winds are what caused the damage this time.

Prairie stormchaser Chris Ratzlaff said that type of weather system can be devastating.

“Straight-line winds can be more damaging than a tornado. They don’t get quite the attention that tornadoes do, but they can certainly have as much of an impact.”

Prairie storm chaser, Chris Ratzlaff capturing June 28 storm system. Courtesy: Chris Ratzlaff

He was tracking two simultaneous storms.

“The first one was travelling a distance from Longview to Hanna and it cut south of Calgary, that’s the one that was a tornado warning, around Strathmore and Carseland area.

“The second storm I was tracking produced from Calgary to Drumheller, so little bit west of the first one.

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“When you go out and there are multiple storms at play… you want to see both. You don’t want to miss one.”

Ratztlaff taking photos of the June 28 storm. Courtesy: Chris Ratzlaff

He captured the storm in its glory, but others, like Amanda Potter, her husband and their two sons were hiding from it.

Wooden shed collapsed in storm on Langdon property. Jill Croteau/Global News

“We all just huddled underneath the stairs and took shelter.”

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When they came out to assess their Langdon property, they were in disbelief.

Playground structure tossed across the yard. Jill Croteau/Global News

“Just seeing the collapsed buildings, the trees, the playground was gone. We were completely shocked.

“It looked like it snowed out here last night,” Potter said.

Trees torn apart in Tuesday night storm. Jill Croteau/Global News

The wind also shoved their a metal ‘C-can’ right off its concrete pad.

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“Definitely shook me up a little bit,” Potter said.

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