Big Brother: The Morning Show edition

It will be the toughest 24 hours ever for The Morning Show hosts and their producer counterparts as they participate in Big Brother Canada: TMS Edition. Disconnected from the world, the internet and their phones, the four teams will duke it out in a competitive brawl for supremacy and office street cred. The winning pair will get a day off.

Hosted by Liem Vu, contestants will be tested mentally and physically with challenges, rewards, and punishments.

“Our hosts and producers are usually cordial and respectful, but I can already tell the competitive spirit is taking over. There’s been some trash talking behind-the-scenes and I’m sure it’s going to get even worse,” said Vu, who has been studying Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox and Big Brother host Julie Chen.

“Expect the unexpected,” he added.

The News Hour and ET Canada will be checking in during their live broadcasts at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

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There will also be a special celebrity guest dropping by to challenge the teams.

Meet Your Teams:

‘Mackiza’ – Host Liza Fromer is teaming up with producer Mackay Taggart

‘KSquared’ – Host Kris Reyes is partnering up with ‘celebrity booker’ and producer Kieran Sells

‘Bro-Down’ – News Anchor Antony Robart is teaming up with our newest member of our producing team Donnie Coulter

‘Curl Power’ – What do you get when you pair up a former Olympian and an Irish producer? Curl Power. Nakita Hans is paired with News at Noon anchor Rosey Edeh.

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