Morden, Man. residents cleaning up flooding aftermath

The aftermath of the flooding on Parkhill Drive in Morden, Man. on Sunday. Jordan Pearn / Global News

Many residents in Morden, Man., are in cleanup mode following major flooding in the community over the weekend.

A state of emergency was put in place for the town and dozens of homes were issued evacuation notices due to significant rainfall over the week on already high water levels.

Resident Donna Lulashnyk says she woke Saturday morning to see water from the nearby creek had risen over the bridge and was up to her driveway.

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“I looked outside and the whole street was covered in water,” Lulashnyk told Global News.

“Throughout the day it just expanded and expanded and it started to come towards the houses and up the driveways.”

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Eventually, she says, the water rose right up to her house, and her son and his friends came and sandbagged her home. Her sump pump also fortunately kept working.

“I count myself very lucky because the water didn’t get into the garage and it didn’t get into my basement,” Lulashnyk said.

“It was kind of scary, I have to tell you. I was a little stressed through the whole thing,” she said. “I have to tell you this. I never hit my treadmill yesterday and I did over 14,000 steps just pacing and up and down and in and out. But we got through it and we’ll clean this mess up now.”

On the other side of Dead Horse Creek, resident Brian Hildebrand says the water came right up to his basement windows Saturday, and Sunday he was pumping water out of his backyard and shed.

“Meantime my neighbour came over with a pump and we got that in, basically saved the basement by doing that,” he said.

“We’ve been close before but never this close, it’s kind of scary.”

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Hildabrand also said a large fallen tree had become stuck at the bridge on Parkhill Drive, which was likely the culprit to the rapidly rising water levels. Crews came in with a backhoe to remove it, which he says was likely his saving grace.

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“I think we would have lost our basement had they not gotten that out,” Hildabrand said.

A statement posted to the town’s website says the Southern Emergency Response Committee has opened up an emergency operations centre in town, and people are being urged to respect barricades “meant to block access to potentially hazardous areas.”

Those in need of assistance are being asked to contact, and anyone needing sandbags is told to call 204-362-3986.

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