Water quality alert issued for Three Hills following water main break

A water quality alert was issued for the Town of Three Hills Tuesday, April 26, 2022. Alberta Emergency Alert

Alberta issued an emergency alert Tuesday evening for the Town of Three Hills, Atla.

The alert stated that water in the town may be unsafe to drink or use due to a “critical water main break.”

The emergency alert was issued just after 7 p.m., along with a boil water advisory.

“If you are in the affected area: Do not consume. Boil water, bring water to a rapid rolling boil for one minute prior to use,” the alert stated.

Residents are also encouraged to drink bottled water and limit tap water use “for emergencies only.”

The Town of Three Hills website noted that crews are working on the break and have “secured the parts for a temporary fix.”

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According to the town, parts are on the way and should arrive overnight.

For those who need it, water is available at the town office until 11:00 p.m. Tuesday evening, as long as residents bring their own water containers to fill up.

Three Hills is about 125 kilometres northeast of Calgary.

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