Saskatoon Fire Station No. 5 to be replaced at new location

Saskatoon Fire Department/Fire Station No. 5.

Saskatoon’s Fire Department plans to replace Fire Station Number 5 at a different location to improve response times.

The 56-year-old fire station is currently on Central Avenue in Sutherland, whereas the new station will be along Preston Avenue, near 108th Street.

Fire Chief Morgan Hackle says the move will help the department meet its goal of four minutes to a call. In addition, the city says the move means a 10th fire station won’t be needed.

That could save $6 million in construction costs and $3 million each year in operating costs.

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Another goal of the new Station No. 5 is to strengthen neighbourhood amenities for the wider community.

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“As the city grows, our fire department has done important work to reorganize our fire stations, this helps ensure we can keep our growing neighbourhoods protected in a way that efficiently uses our resources over the long term,” said Mayor Charlie Clark.

“This new fire station is an example of that. The university has been a great partner in getting this built and we continue to work closely with the university community. This is a great day.”

“As the city changes and grows, so do the needs of the city, and the way in which emergency services need to respond to the city,” said Mairin Loewen, Ward 7 city councillor.

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The building will be furnished with a shared cultural space intended for fire department initiatives, civic departments and the University of Saskatchewan. The shared space will be open to public bookings for community groups when available.

“We are proud to continue to work in partnership with the City of Saskatoon on a wide variety of projects that help to serve and to give back to the vibrant community that we are all a part of,” said University of Saskatchewan President Peter Stoicheff.

“The establishment of this new fire station is the latest development in the successful co-operation and collaboration between the city and the university and reinforces our commitment to community, including our Indigenous partners and friends,”

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The new two-storey fire station will be ready and operational by summer of 2023.

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