Alberta man hits major blood donation milestone

66-year-old William Taylor of Medicine Hat, Alta. made his 250th blood donation April 16, 2022. Courtesy: Ian Taylor

It’s a milestone nearly 50 years in the making.

On Saturday, William Taylor donated blood for the 250th time at the Canada Blood Services clinic at the University of Alberta.

The Medicine Hat man started getting pricked for pints in 1974 and it took him 47 years to hit the mark.

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“I didn’t set out to achieve these lofty heights,” said Taylor. “But it’s a very easy process and it really does truly make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

Taylor, 66, is a dermatologist and while he doesn’t see the direct impact blood donations have on patients, he knows how much it helps.

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“I see people in the hospital (whose) lives have been saved by whole blood donations.”

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Taylor added it’s a very easy way to help your fellow man.

“It takes about an hour, it’s largely painless, it’s a feel-good environment. So it’s something I can do for my community. I would encourage people to consider donating if you haven’t. They’ll walk you through the process. Never had a bad experience, they treat you very well.”

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