Those Old Radio Shows May 6-7

Friday, May 6

Hour One: Jack Benny – Jack’s Trip to Las Vegas; Gunsmoke – What the Whiskey Drummer Heard

Hour Two: Escape – The Running Man; Black Museum – The Telegram

Hour Three: Damon Runyon Theater – Baseball Hattie

Saturday, May 7

Hour One: Whistler – Grave Secret; Life of Riley – Mother’s Day

Hour Two: The Silent Men – Murder in Vienna; Jack Benny – Mother’s Day Show

Hour Three: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar – Silent Queen Matter; YTJD – Theme Music

Hour Four: YTJD – Silent Queen Matter, conc.; Burns & Allen – Gracie’s Mother Visits; Bickersons – Pink Slip

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Hour Five: Great Gildersleeve – Dinner for Eve’s Mother; Haunting Hour – Murder is my Business

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