Burnaby votes for new rules and higher fees for pitbulls and dogs deemed vicious

Burnaby council has voted to increase fines on pitbulls and other dogs that attack people.

Council unanimously passed a bylaw tonight that increases fines and impounding periods for vicious dog incidents. The motion came from a report brought forward from city staff at last council meeting.

“The number of bite incidents involving pitbulls in Burnaby is concerning, and further compounded by this breed’s potential to inflict significant injuries,” the bylaw presented to council stated.

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The bylaw establishes a $500 fine for vicious dog incidents and a $200 fine for aggressive dog incidents without bites. Off-leash fines increase from $100 to $200, and the impound period goes from 10 to 21 days.

In addition, vicious dogs must also be registered.

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LINK: The bylaw presented to Burnaby Council