Harmonic Egg Kingston opens its doors for holistic healing

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Harmonic Egg Kingston opens its doors
The Harmonic Egg is a holistic approach to help individuals reach the deepest form of relaxation – Mar 22, 2022

There’s a new way for people to practice self-care in Kingston, Ont.

The Harmonic Egg is a new holistic approach to reaching the deepest form of relaxation and there’s one now available in the Limestone City.

“This is one thing you can do for self-care,” says Celia Wynne, the owner of Harmonic Egg Kingston.

“It’s time for yourself, it’s part of a self-care routine that we now need, it’s not a choice anymore for us to have self-care in our lives we absolutely need it to survive in our lives,” she said.

For those seeing a Harmonic Egg for the first time, you might think it looks a little like a spaceship.

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Wynne says it won’t blast you off into outer space, but she does hope it will start individuals on a path of rest, relaxation and healing.

“It brings the body to a state of harmony, that’s why it’s called the harmonic egg. There’s a harmony in the music that vibrates at a certain level, the light matches that. It brings our body into balance.”

The Harmonic Egg uses light and sound therapy. While you sit back and relax in a recliner inside the egg chamber, the music, lights and vibrations get to work.

The entire experience lasts about 50 minutes and Paige Clarke, the CEO of Harmonic Egg Canada says a session achieves the same effects as skilled meditation or deep sleep.

“The egg is bringing your brainwaves into such deep relaxation that it’s very difficult for you to get there on your own,” said Clarke.

“By resetting the nervous system through that deep relaxation, we can conquer a whole host of issues that the body has when it’s not in alignment with its nervous system,” she added.

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Daily self-care practices

Wynne and Clarke agree that anyone can benefit from a session, but they say it’s particularly helpful for those who are neuro-divergent or struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD chronic illness and pain.

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Wynne is careful to note that a session in the egg isn’t going to cure you overnight but she says adding it to your wellness routine can bring more peace and calm and overall.

She uses the Egg to cope with her own depression, PTSD and chronic side effects of Lyme disease.

“The outcome is incredible,” she said. “I feel lighter, I feel more centered, more relaxed and I’m more loving.”

Wynne is now open for business and says she hopes she can make a difference in the lives of others, one Harmonic Egg session at a time.

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