Regina dad, kids build snowman taller than their house

The giant snowman in Regina took about two and a half weeks for the family to build. Derek Putz / Global News

A Regina man and his children have made the best of all the snow Regina has received this winter — building a giant snowman in their front yard that is taller than their house.

Jeremy Ashworth said the family built a large snowman last year but that one was only eight feet tall. This year’s snowman stands 12 feet tall.

“I don’t know how heavy it is but it used about 17 yards of snow,” Ashworth said.

He said they used a garden hose to wet the snow to create more of an “ice cube structure.”

“We started in our yard and realized when we did the bottom section that we were going to be out of snow pretty quick. I actually talked to the neighbours and they were definitely OK with us using their snow,” Ashworth said.

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“They thought it was kind of a strange question when I asked.”

The whole process took about two and a half weeks with the snowman being built in stages, with the group letting it set over -40 days.

Click to play video: 'What’s Brewing: Toronto dad creates 14-foot snowman'
What’s Brewing: Toronto dad creates 14-foot snowman

Being a truly Canadian snowman, the group used hockey pucks for the eyes.

The snowman is still standing after a week and a half on McCallum Avenue, despite warmer temperatures.

Ashworth said their snow friend has created a lot of traffic with people stopping by to take pictures.

“We did it as a family and we had a good time doing it. The kids were involved and a lot of snow was shoveled and a lot of stomping was done on the boxes,” Ashworth said.

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“We were pretty tired after we built this one. I don’t know if I’d compare it to childbirth, but we’ll forget about all the pain by next year and we’ll probably build another one.”

The family plans to shoot even higher next year — with hopes of building a 16-foot tall snowman and plans to keep aiming higher in future winter seasons.

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