Montreal dog meetup app helps owners better socialize their pets

Click to play video: 'Montreal brothers on a mission to bring four-legged friends together'
Montreal brothers on a mission to bring four-legged friends together
WATCH: Montreal brothers on a mission to bring four-legged friends together – Jan 21, 2022

A Montreal-based app has been created to match people’s dogs for playdates.

NDG resident Dov Punski, one of the co-founders of the app DogPack, said the idea for the app was inspired by the popularity of dating apps.

“All dogs need to exercise, otherwise, I’m sure other owners will agree, you’ll come home to a ripped-up cushion at your place and the dog will be going crazy,” Punski told Global News.

Punski created the the app with his three brothers and launched it last September. The app helps dog owners find other dogs nearby to set up playdates so their pets can get the exercise and socialization they need.

“It can be frustrating, to show up to a dog park and nobody’s there, or on the contrary, there could be a dog that your dog doesn’t get along with, so you won’t go into the dog park based on that factor alone,” Punski said.

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DogPack allows users to check in to dog parks, allowing others to see which dog is there. Once the dogs meet and get along, users can add each other to their “dog pack” to set up future playdates.

Bark Busters dog trainer Graham Smith said he thinks the app is a great idea.

“The key about socializing dogs is to treat them the same way you would your children. You wouldn’t take your kid somewhere where you don’t know the parents and where you don’t know the kids,” Smith said.

“You want your kids to meet other kids that are like-minded and well-behaved. It’s exactly the same principle with dogs.”

DogPack is free on all app stores and allows users to see each other within a 100-kilometre radius, along with the animal’s information such as age, breed, sex, weight and more.

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Tony Hale of ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’

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