Father and son bond grows as game of catch hits 200th day

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WATCH: Father and son pair Jean-Pierre and Jean-Jordan have been playing baseball for 200 days straight. Now at day 200, against all odds, they decided there's no turning back – Jan 15, 2022

Baseball is one of those sports that shows the bond between father and son can stay strong simply by playing a game of catch.

Jean-Pierre Vielleux and his 10-year-old son, Jean-Jordan, started playing catch at the end of June.

According to Jean-Pierre, it did not take long for them to come up with the idea of keeping up a streak.

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“I think it was the second or third day and he was like ‘Dad, let’s just see how long we can go like without missing a day of playing baseball.'”

Rain or shine, the two have always pushed each other to get their gloves and hit the diamond.

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They contemplated stopping if the Atlanta Braves won the 2021 Major League Baseball World Series on Halloween, but alas, the win came a few days later.

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They also thought, maybe once snow started falling they might end their streak would. Maybe one of them would just get tired of it?

Now at day 200, they decided there’s no turning back.

“Like, at first it was just for fun but now that we’re at 200 like we have to keep going,” said Jean-Jordan.

At Nutana Kiwanis Park, a new goal was set to reach one full year of baseball.

Even though the streak is important to the pair, it’s the time spent together that means the most.

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“It’s like father and son bonding, that’s the part that means the most to me,” said Jean-Pierre.

Another member of the family, Jean-Jordan’s kid sister Jayla likes to tag along too.

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Her favourite part, though, is not about playing baseball.

“[I like] to go outside every day and they’re like I’m never giving up, I’m gonna do it every day.”

Jean-Jordan said he hopes to make the MLB one day and be just like his favourite player on the Toronto Blue Jays, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

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