Unseasonably cold temperatures to chill the Okanagan

Record breaking cold temperatures are forecast for the Okanagan. Courtesy Joanna Dorward

After weeks of snow in the Okanagan the thermometer is dropping.

“We will likely see record-breaking temperatures. Today, we already shattered records in 30 of the 125 weather stations that are monitored by Environment Canada,” said Kasia Bodurka, Global News, weather specialist.

“Most of today’s record cold temperatures were had over coastal weather stations just off of Vancouver Island.”

Courtesy Kasia Bodurka. Courtesy Kasia Bodurka

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Temperatures will be as low as -16C Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday. Overnight on Tuesday, it will be as cold as -21C.

“Add the winds to that, and it will feel colder by 10 degrees. Overnight lows, much colder. We’ll be reaching lows as cold as minus 20, and feeling closer to minus thirty with the winds,” said Bodurka.

All-weather warnings have been lifted in the Okanagan and none are anticipated by Environment Canada.

Courtesy Kasia Bodurka

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“We have a little more cloud cover over the Okanagan which works to insulate the lower atmosphere and protect us from the much colder temperatures than others in B.C. (namely to the north) are experiencing,” said Bodurka.

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Bodurka says the temperatures are colder then in years past by almost 15 degrees. Daytime highs are around minus two this time of year and the area will reach temperatures no more than the minus mid-teens.

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