Quebec premier asked about defensive tone during National Assembly fall session

Click to play video: 'MNAs close the parliamentary session at Quebec’s National Assembly' MNAs close the parliamentary session at Quebec’s National Assembly
WATCH: Members of the National Assembly wished each other a Merry Christmas before returning to their ridings for the holiday break. This session has been at times tough on the nerves, according to the premier. François Legault promised he would watch his tone, but he's accused of being overly aggressive in question period. As Raquel Fletcher reports, he has an explanation for why he's on the defensive – Dec 10, 2021

When speaking in the house, MNAs must maintain parliamentary decorum. Among other things, that means no personal attacks.

That rule hasn’t always been followed this session and the premier has on many occasions been called to order.

Things are particularly heated between Premier François Legault and the opposition leaders, Liberal Leader Dominique Anglade and Quebec Solidaire co-spokesperson, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

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During his end of session press conference, Legault told reporters, “I’ll continue to try to be quiet and drink my tisane.”

This isn’t the first time the premier has acknowledged he has a short temper. At the end of the spring session, he promised he would keep his cool. However, he said opposition parties unfairly provoke him.

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“Mrs. Anglade saying (Health Minister) Christian Dubé and myself are responsible for a man dying in Senneterre,” Legault explained. “I’m strong, but it’s tough to hear things like that.”

The 65-year-old man died after the emergency room was closed in his town due to staff shortages. The government has offered salary bonuses to recruit more nurses.

On Friday, Premier Legault also admitted the recent ombudsman’s report on the deaths in CHSLDs during the first wave of COVID-19 has been hard on his morale.

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“The reality is, he is not answering the questions,” Anglade said during her end of session press conference Thursday. “And it’s getting to him.”

“It’s obviously getting to him, but he needs to answer those questions.”

“This premier keeps saying he’s close to the people, but he opens the door to giving millions of dollars to a billionaire for half a team of baseball in Montreal,” said Nadeau-Dubois.

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“When we ask those questions, François Legault reacts, he loses control because we are putting the finger on his contradictions,” he said.

With all parties now posturing ahead of next year’s election, the attacks could get even more intense.

Click to play video: 'Health minister under fire after Quebec man’s family says ER closure led to his death' Health minister under fire after Quebec man’s family says ER closure led to his death
Health minister under fire after Quebec man’s family says ER closure led to his death – Dec 2, 2021

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