Trial begins for CFB Kingston corporal facing sexual assault charge

Tuesday marks the first day of a sexual assault court martial trial at CFB Kingston. This trial is one of three sexual assault cases scheduled in Kingston before the new year. CKWS TV

Cpl. Shane M. Howe pleaded “not guilty” to one charge of sexual assault at a court martial trial at Canadian Forces Base Kingston on Tuesday morning.

The alleged incident took place in July 2019 in Kingston.

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Military Judge Lt.-Col. Louis-Vincent D’auteuil will preside over the general court martial, accompanied by a five-member military panel that will sit as jury in the case.

The first day of trial saw the panel take their oaths before court adjourned for lunch.

Details regarding the alleged incident are expected to be revealed as the trial continues over the coming weeks.

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This trial marks one of three sexual assault court martials scheduled in Kingston before the new year.

Cpl. Howe’s trial is expected to last around two weeks.

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