High River flood victims’ hotel room burglarized

CALGARY- A High River family has been dealt a devastating blow, less than three months after the June flood destroyed their home.

The Hamelin family was forced to move into a trailer after being displaced, and were eventually moved to a Calgary hotel. They had brought whatever they could salvage from their condemned home.

“Anything that we had left that mattered, that can fit in there was in there,” says mother Bobbi-Lee Hamelin.

But on Thursday, a thief broke in to the room—while father Dennis Hamelin was sleeping inside. The crook made off with wallets holding all of their identification, cell phones and gift cards from the Salvation Army.

The family of four is in disbelief that their security was compromised, and want to pack up what’s left and leave.

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“We don’t know what to do, we want to take off and leave everything and start somewhere so at least we have a home for these kids,” says Dennis. “You go to work every day…keep our jobs and keep our kids sane and everybody protected and then when this happens it takes the last bit of it away.”

The Hamelins don’t feel the temporary neighbourhood in Saddlebrook is the right fit for them, so they’re now in limbo.