Fake cat election campaign posters in Montreal go viral

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Will Trudeau’s pandemic election gamble pay off for his party Monday?
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If you thought you saw cats on election campaign posters around Montreal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood this weekend, you saw right.

Twitter user Omar Burgan tweeted several photos on Friday morning of what looks like federal election campaign signs for the Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc Québécois parties — except the candidates are cats, and the posters are of course not real party campaign signs.

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“Someone in Montreal is replacing photos of candidates with cats and I really don’t mind,” Burgan wrote.

The cat candidates feature Gustave, running for the Liberals, wearing a blue button-down shirt, Sheldon for the NDP in a sharp navy suit, Mousse for the Bloc in a more relaxed beige sweater and white shirt, and Milady for the Conservatives sporting a pink striped tie.

The pet names on the signs have no affiliation with the actual candidate names in the riding.

Twitter/Omar Burgan
Twitter/Omar Burgan
Twitter/Omar Burgan

A couple of the feline candidates had campaign slogans too. “Purring for Quebec” read the Conservative sign and “miaowing together” read the NDP sign.

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Local Plateau cat coffee shop Café Chat l’Heureux on Duluth Avenue is behind the posters. Owner Clément Marty told Global News there was no political agenda involved, just a push to get people’s attention, make them laugh and encourage them to get out and vote.

“It was to have fun with the situation,” Marty said.

By Sunday evening, the tweet had over 19,000 likes, 4,500 retweets and had circulated extensively on Instagram and Facebook.

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