MLHU strongly advising businesses to implement mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy

In a letter issued to business owners, Dr. Chris Mackie outlined five key recommendations, including ensuring that staff, volunteers and patrons are fully vaccinated. Middlesex-London Health Unit

The Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) has issued a statement to strongly advise all business owners to implement a COVID-19 vaccination policy.

The move comes days after the Province of Ontario’s announcement regarding the implementation of a vaccine passport system as of Sept. 22.

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In a letter issued to business owners and operators, Dr. Chris Mackie, the region’s medical officer of health, outlined five key recommendations:

  1. Ensure that staff, volunteers, on-site contractors, and patrons are fully vaccinated, if eligible.
  2. Implement remote work where reasonably possible.
  3. Ensure physical distancing of at least 2 metres, where reasonably possible.
  4. Regardless of vaccination status, ensure that active screening for COVID-19 symptoms is conducted daily for employees attending the workplace.
  5. Regardless of their vaccination status, ensure that any person in the indoor area of a workplace wears a mask or face covering.

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“The Delta variant continues to spread rapidly in our community, and in order to keep our schools and businesses safe and open, we need all workplaces and business operators in London and Middlesex County to implement mandatory vaccination policies,” said Mackie.

“Now that vaccine certificates have been announced, all employers and organizations should plan for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies to help keep everyone in their facilities safe.”

A downloadable PDF of the full letter is available online.

Further guidance for employers and business operators from the MLHU can also be found on the health unit website.

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