Car nearly crashes into Halifax coffee shop after swerving to avoid collision

A vehicle narrowly missed crashing into the front door of a Halifax coffee shop on Sunday morning. UncommonHFX/Twitter

A vehicle that swerved to avoid a potential collision ended up in another kind of crash, narrowly missing the front door of a coffee shop in south-end Halifax.

The incident happened Sunday morning at around 8:20 a.m.

A photo tweeted out by Uncommon Grounds on South Park Street shows a red car wedged into the stairwell leading into the café, which is below street level.

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According to Halifax Regional Police, the driver of the vehicle had the right-of-way and was travelling south on South Park Street when a second vehicle entered the intersection from Victoria Road.

The driver who had the right-of-way swerved.

“As a result of the evasive maneuver the driver with the right-of-way struck the steps of the coffee shop causing minor damage to the railing at the entrance to the building,” Staff Sgt. Tanya Chambers-Spriggs said in a news release.

Police said there were no injuries and the driver of the second car — not the one that collided with the railing — was issued a ticket for failing to yield to a vehicle already in the intersection.

The coffee shop jokingly tweeted that its drive-thru was “permanently closed” but that the business was open to serve customers.

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