Regina TikToker nearing 2M followers through science, humour-based videos

Regina TikToker Ryan Doka has more than 33 million likes and 1.8 million followers for his science and humour-based videos. Ryan Doca / Tik Tok

The content of a Regina TikToker is hitting the hearts of many with more than 33 million likes and 1.8 million followers to date.

Ryan Doka has spent more than a decade creating online video content and has been on TikTok for the past two years.


I left steak in vodka for a month 🥩 #steak #vodka #inajar #dokaryan #pickled #fyp #yqr @lmdistillery

♬ original sound – Ryan Doka

Sparked by science and humour, he’s gained a following by experimenting – putting random ingredients into jars to see what happens over time. His creativity is ignited by his intuition.

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“The idea of ‘Everything In A Jar’ came from when I was really young. I always loved messing around with the chemicals in my parent’s kitchen, mixing cleaners together and leaving them under my bed for a long extended period of time,” Doka said.

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I left Skittles in whisky for a month 🥃 #skittles #whisky #inajar #dokaryan #pickled #fyp #yqr @lmdistillery

♬ original sound – Ryan Doka

“In hindsight, that wasn’t very good because it kind of destroyed the bed, but now that I’m a little bit older, I can do it a lot safer.

“I’m just genuinely interested in seeing what happens to certain items when you leave them in things like vinegar, vodka, whiskey and even muriatic acid.”

Doka said he is cherishing the success and is amazed by how many of his followers live in Queen City.

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“The craziest thing, even as near as (Sunday), I went out to McDonald’s, went through the drive-thru, and the guy stopped me,” Doka said.

“He said, ‘You’re the guy that makes TikToks right?’ I said yeah and he tells everybody in the back.


I left Jolly Ranchers in 90% vodka for a week #jollyrancher #vodka #inajar #dokaryan #pickled #fyp #yqr @smooth42sk

♬ original sound – Ryan Doka

“It’s at a magnitude that I never expected, but I’m just so grateful and thankful for where it is at this point.”

He said some people in his comments were worried about him using products such as bleach and acid in videos, but he ensures people everything is done in a safe manner.

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“People thought I wasn’t very safe when dealing with hazardous materials and chemicals like the muriatic acid,” Doka said.


I left a cucumber in beer for a week 🥒 #pickle #beer #bickle #inajar #pickling #bearebel2021 #cucumber #viral #fyp #dokaryan @rebellionbrewing

♬ original sound – Ryan Doka

“I want to put it on the record I am incredibly safe. I have so much equipment and all the gear to make sure that everything is completely safe. But nobody should try what I do.”

Doka said people should stay tuned for a new series he is working on. His TikTok handle is @dokaryan.

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