New guidelines for Montreal bike paths

A cyclist rolls down a bicycle lane in downtown Montreal.
A cyclist rolls down a bicycle lane in downtown Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

MONTREAL – Stricter regulations are about to be put in place on the city’s bike paths.

Réal Ménard, Member of the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal responsible for transport, has unveiled specific, new guidelines for Montreal’s bike network.

“The popularity of cycling in Montreal makes it essential that we ensure that travel in bike lanes can be done in the safest way possible,” said Ménard.

“In order to foster harmonious coexistence in the Montreal cycling network, it is essential that the same regulations apply across all districts and all reconstituted cities.”

The city has proposed that each district and each change its current traffic regulations.

Under the new regulations, the bicycle lane is restricted exclusively for the following users:

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  • cyclists
  • rollerbladers
  • aids to motorized mobility (AMM) and wheelchairs
  • electrically assisted bicycles

Scooters are no longer allowed on the bike paths.

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