Manitobans facing lengthy health card delays

The province says it’s facing delays in getting health cards made and mailed out to Manitobans.

The department that handles registering and processing health cards is the same department that takes care of immunization card corrections and questions, according to a provincial spokesperson.

They say that due to COVID-19, they’re seeing higher than normal call volumes and applications, which slows down the ability to process requests.

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The province requires Manitobans to update their health card with their correct address before being able to request a COVID-19 vaccination card.

The current wait time for a new health card is about eight weeks. The wait time for people looking to make changes to their current health card is roughly four weeks.

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The province urges anyone needing medical care without a health card to still visit a health-care facility. It says residents will not be refused service, however the clinic may request payment for their services.

That cost will be reimbursed if the service is insured by the clinic after receiving and presenting your health card.

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