Taylor Avenue tops CAA Manitoba’s annual ‘worst roads’ list

CAA Manitoba has released its annual list of worst Manitoba roads. Sarah Ryan / Global News

After more than 3,000 votes by drivers, pedestrians and cyclists across the province, CAA Manitoba has crowned a new “worst road” for 2021: Taylor Avenue in Winnipeg.

The potholes and crumbling infrastructure on Taylor ranked it at the top of the list, followed by Provincial Road 307 and Provincial Road 250 rounding out the top three.

CAA said there were a total of 421 roads across 55 Manitoba municipalities nominated, with this year seeing more provincial highways near the top of the ranking, and fewer Winnipeg streets.

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“The city of Winnipeg has invested heavily in road renewal for the last several years, and they may be seeing the results now,” CAA Manitoba’s Heather Mack told 680 CJOB.

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“Now there’s a push to the province saying, ‘We need you to spend as well,’ which is great, since they’ve announced another $600 million for highways, so we may start to see a bit of competition between the city and the province as to who has fewer roads (on the list).”

Manitoba’s worst roads of 2021:

1. Taylor Avenue, Winnipeg
2. Provincial Road 307
3. Provincial Road 250
4. Provincial Road 450
5. Trunk Highway 34
6. Saskatchewan Avenue, Winnipeg
7. St. James Street, Winnipeg
8. Sherwin Road, Winnipeg
9. Waller Ave, Winnipeg
10. Empress Street, Winnipeg

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