Canada election results: Drummond

Martin Champoux of the Bloc Québécois is the projected winner in the Drummond riding.

The rural riding of Drummond is located by the Saint-François River in the region of Centre-du-Québec, consisting of the Regional County Municipality of Drummond.

Drummondville, the riding’s largest city, is renowned for being the home of the Festival de la Poutine and the Mondial des Cultures folk festival. This riding is mainly francophone, with almost 96 per cent of the population listing French as their mother tongue.

The Bloc Québécois’s Martin Champoux was elected in Drummond in 2019. Champoux won 44.8 per cent of the vote, beating Liberal candidate William Morales by 27.4 per cent.

The riding has been a Bloc Québécois stronghold since 1993 save for the 2011 and 2015 elections, when the NDP’s François Choquette won the seat.

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Bloc Québécois: Martin Champoux (incumbent)

Animal Protection Party of Canada: Lucas Munger

Conservative Party: Nathalie Clermont

Free Party Canada: Josée Joyal

Green Party: No Candidate

Liberal Party: Mustapha Berri

NDP: François Choquette

No Affiliation: Sylvain Marcoux

People’s Party of Canada: Akim Blanchet

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