Rideau Waterway Land Trust meets fundraising goal for Warren property at Chaffeys Lock

The Rideau Waterway Land Trust has acquired a new parcel of land at Chaffeys Lock for a nature reserve. Rideau Waterway Land Trust

The Rideau Waterway Land Trust has raised enough funds to purchase the Warren property near Chaffeys Lock.

After about two months of fundraising, the trust met its goal of raising $435,000 for the property and officially bought the land on April 27.

“This 74-acre parcel has a variety of environmental, historical and educational attributes and this combination has generated enthusiastic community support,” said Peter Hannah, board chair for the trust.

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The Warren property lies between the Queen’s University Biological Station property and the village of Chaffeys Lock. The trust wanted to protect the land because the area is “under increasing development pressure.” The Warren property also serves to connect other protected land, which will offer more continuous habitat space.

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The property is home to various at-risk species, including the gray ratsnake, the Acadian flycatcher, the barn swallow, the golden-winged warbler, the wood thrush and the wood pewee.

The trust received 175 separate donations to buy the land, ranging from $20 to $55,200 from the ECHO Foundation.

The remaining funding came through the Greenlands Conservation Partnership Program, which is partially funded by the Ontario government.

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The reserve will be added to the trust’s list of 20 protected properties in the Rideau corridor. It will be named the Warren Nature Reserve, in honour of Don and Mary Warren, long-time residents of Chaffeys Lock who “understood the need to protect key pieces of the natural environment for the benefit of future generations,” the trust said.

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