Geese are fine in the snow, Manitoba wildlife centre says

Geese in Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park before the recent snowfall. Sam Thompson / Global News

The snowstorm that has pummelled Manitoba over the past few days isn’t just affecting the province’s human residents — wildlife, who were expecting spring warmth, are also impacted.

According to a local wildlife organization, however, animals are accustomed to dealing with the cold and people should keep their distance.

The Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, in a social media post Tuesday, said it had been receiving calls from concerned Winnipeggers who spotted Canada geese lying in the snow.

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“We know it may look concerning, but these geese are nesting and protecting their eggs from the cold,” the rehab centre said.

“Please do not try to uncover the bird from the snow or leave any food as it may disturb the goose and cause her to abandon her eggs.

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“And while being covered in snow may look cold, it likely helps the geese stay warm as snow can be quite insulating and help to shield them from the wind.”

Other animals, the centre said, actually use the snow to keep warm overnight by burrowing into it.

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