Newly renovated N.S. animal hospital to provide services to owners facing financial hardship

Click to play video: 'Nova Scotia SPCA Opens New Animal Hospital' Nova Scotia SPCA Opens New Animal Hospital
WATCH: Pet owners facing financial challenges can now benefit from a new veterinary hospital that aims to provide their pets with then necessary care they need. – Dec 21, 2020

The Nova Scotia SPCA has opened its newly renovated hospital that aims to provide people experiencing financial challenges with the animal care they need.

“Our goal with this hospital is to treat these animals before they get so bad that the owner needs to surrender them,” said Kellie Haggett, a veterinarian at the hospital located at 7 Scarfe Court.

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Through charitable donations and grants, including from PetSmart Charities® of Canada and a special fund sponsored by Queenidog, the full-service facility has gone from a dream to a reality for those who provide veterinary care.

“I’m hoping that by allowing these pets to stay in their homes we can really help the human-animal bond.”

It’s so important, pets are such a source of comfort. Especially now, in these really stressful times,” Haggett said.

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Kellie Haggett is a veterinarian at the animal hospital. She says ensuring that pets receive preventative care is a key part of their approach. Alexa MacLean/Global Halifax

Haggett says she often sees animals at the shelter when they have medical issues that have deteriorated to the point of the pets needing to be surrendered.

“People that have a pet, they know that it’s sick with something, or has severe dental disease, or some type of ailment. And, they know that the pet needs treatment but they don’t have the funds to do it,” Haggett says.

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She says the end goal is forging a healthy bond with the owners and their pets so that they can provide preventative care.

“We want to establish a relationship with people and their pets at the very beginning so we can prevent some of these health conditions as well. So, it’s kind of a full approach that we want to get to them before they get really sick and then help them afterward as well,” Haggett said.

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The Nova Scotia SPCA is accepting donations to the Sunshine Fund to continue to grow their support of owners in need of financial assistance when it comes to animal care.

Haggett is asking for the general public to be patient while they work through a backlog of hospital requests for care.

“We are getting through every email, we are responding to people. Especially, those that have an urgent need, we are getting back to them.”

Haggett adds that for standard appointments and vaccinations, hospital staff will be contacting owners sometime in the new year.

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