Mother nature gives Calgary an early Christmas present

Suncor Energy Camera / Global News Calgary

Daytime high temperatures were well below freezing this past weekend in Calgary but a stretch of warm weather this week will thaw the snow and ice across the city.

Saturday’s daytime high at the Calgary International Airport reached -5 degrees C, while Sunday’s daytime high was only -14 C.

However, with the wind, both daytime highs and overnight lows were bitterly cold.

Both Saturday and Sunday evening and overnight, temperatures felt more like the -20s to -30s.

Overnight wind-chills are once again expected to dip to -20s and -30s for a second night in a row. WSI The Weather Company/Global News Calgary

Despite the frosty weekend, Calgarians took the temperatures and wind-chills in stride.

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“As long as I am dressed for the cold, I find it quite peaceful. Just don’t take your gloves off too often to take pictures. Our cold snaps never last long here anyway,” Dwight Bishop said.

Elbow River by New Discovery in S.W. Calgary. Dwight Bishop

Chantal Leblanc ventured along the popular trails of Griffith Woods and took in the beauty of the fresh, fallen snow.

“I love winter,” she said. “I think it’s just a matter of dressing appropriately: warm boots, coat, a hat and mittens.”

Chantel Leblanc said she had a beautiful walk in Griffith Woods over the weekend. . Chantel Leblanc

Calgarians will still wake up to very cold temperatures and a strong wind-chill Monday morning, but it will become warmer by the afternoon thanks to mother nature and a comfortablely warm west wind.

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“The arctic air that moved through the province is expected to push off to the east and as a result, Calgary will be more in a westerly gradient,” said Heather Pimiskern, Environment Canada meteorologist.

“In general, it will cause the temperatures to be more seasonal for this time of the year.”

Normal daytime high for Calgary is -1 C.

The rest of week will see plenty of warm weather as well.

The seven-day forecast will see a break from this weekend’s recent frigid temperatures. WSI The Weather Company/Global News Calgary

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