Montreal’s St-Laurent Blvd falls victim to ‘Grinches’ as Christmas trees disappear

Click to play video: 'Montreal’s Main falls victim to ‘Grinches’ as Christmas trees disappear' Montreal’s Main falls victim to ‘Grinches’ as Christmas trees disappear
WATCH: Some eight festive Christmas tree installations have been reported stolen from Saint-Laurent Boulevard. Global's Brayden Jagger reports – Dec 10, 2020

Festive Christmas tree installations along St-Laurent Boulevard have been disappearing over the past two weeks.

The St-Laurent Boulevard business association says eight of its 25 decorated trees have been stolen along the popular thoroughfare.

“Someone is trying to steal Christmas on St-Laurent Boulevard,” said Tasha Morizio, director general of the Société de Développement du Boulevard Saint-Laurent (SDBSL).

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The entire seven-foot-tall trees, their lights, and their bases were taken, according to Morizio.

Once the association became aware of the disappearance, it began to bolt and secure the trees to the sidewalk.

Those efforts did not stop the persistent thieves, Morizio said.

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“Even once we bolted them down, they came with an axe and broke the boxes and then ran away with our trees.”

The so-called “Grinches of St Laurent” were even so bold as to completely cut one of the eight trees at its base.

“They were prepared. They must’ve had a truck,” Morizio said.

“They must’ve had a ladder to unplug the lights. This is next level thieves.”

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St-Laurent Boulevard business association says it spent $20,000 on the holiday installations.

The stolen coniferous trees will not be replaced, Morizio said.

Instead, signs with a photo of a Grinch stealing a tree will be posted along the street, asking for the residents help to find the culprits.

Morizio said the business association has filed an official police report surrounding the thefts.

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