Hazmat crews respond to ‘improper mixture of household items’ at west Edmonton apartment

Groat Road and 111 Ave NW was closed for a period Tuesday evening after an incident involving an “improper mixture of household items.". Global News

The intersection at Groat Road and 111 Avenue was closed down to both vehicles and pedestrians during part of the Tuesday evening commute, as emergency officials — including a hazardous materials team — dealt with an incident at an apartment building nearby.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services said fire and hazmat crews were called just before 5 p.m. to the building across the road from Westmount Shopping Centre in the Inglewood neighbourhood.

A spokesperson said the incident was due to an “improper mixture of household items” in a suite, but did not provide details on what items those were.

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The “reaction” between the household items was contained to the suite, according to Edmonton fire officials.

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One adult was attended to and “decontaminated,” but had no injuries. Officials did not say if they were a man or woman. Their suite is also being cleaned by hazmat crews.

Groat Road was closed between 111 and 114 Avenues for about an hour, but re-opened around 6 p.m.