980 CKNW: Ghostly tales from around British Columbia

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Ladner man’s trick-or-treating invention keeps Halloween COVID-19 safety top of mind
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This week on Mornings With Simi, we featured a series of terrifying tales from around our province.

These examples of frightening folklore were shared with us by Jo-Anne Christensen, author of Ghost Stories of British Columbia, Ian Gibbs, author of Victoria’s Most Haunted, as well as writer and political commentator, Vaughn Palmer.

1.) The Barkerville Barber

In 1866, Barkerville was a bustling gold rush town where Wellington Delaney Moses operated a barbershop.

He became concerned when his friend, Morgan Blessing, who was traveling to Barkerville, failed to arrive.

His concern turned to relief when after a couple of months, Blessing walked into Moses’ barbershop. He looked pale and his clothing was mouldy. At first, Moses was relieved to see his friend…until Blessing suddenly vanished before his eyes!

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His suspicions that Blessing was a victim of foul play were confirmed when Blessing’s body was found a few months later in a shallow grave.

His grave is now B.C.’s smallest historic site.

2.) The Creepy Campus of Camosun College

Camosun College has one building on it’s campus that seems to be particularly haunted.

The Young Building was built in 1914 as a normal school but served as a military hospital during World War II.

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Students and staff have reported hearing strange, ghostly sounds in the building.

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One teacher said that she vividly saw the reflection of her co-worker’s face in a window, but when she turned around the man was gone.

3.) Mandy the Haunted Doll

The story of Mandy the Haunted Doll may be the creepiest story in the whole province!

Mandy was donated to the Quesnel & District Museum and Archives in 1991.

After her arrival, strange things began to occur. There are reports that objects were found moved, and cameras used to photograph her were reported to malfunction.

To investigate further, the curator of the museum contacted the original owner of the doll. The woman claimed that she kept Mandy in her basement where she often her a baby’s ghostly cry.

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You can still see this allegedly haunted doll on display.

4.) The Ghost of the Legislature 

Francis Rattenbury was a young English architect hired to design B.C. Parliament Buildings and the Fairmont Empress Hotel.

After a scandalous divorce, he remarried a younger woman and moved back to England to escape the gossip. Years later, he was murdered by his second wife and her lover.

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Legend has it that Rattenbury’s spirit returned to Victoria to haunt the buildings he proudly designed.

Some people claim to have seen his ghostly figure, dressed in old fashioned clothing, wandering the halls.

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5.) Phantom Patients at Riverview Hospital

Riverview Hospital is frequently used as a film location for movies and television shows. However, this creepy site has tales of its own to tell!

A security guard claims that while patrolling the East Lawn building, she saw a man wearing pyjamas walk into a room. When she looked inside, the room was completely empty.

After hearing ghostly voices and other strange sounds, it’s no surprise the security guard reportedly quit her job in the morning!

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