The London Dream Home Lottery has sold out at a new record setting pace

The fully-furnished Dream home by Vranic Homes Inc., in Kilworth’s Edgewater Estates, is one of five options for the eventual grand prize winner. Andrew Graham/Global News

The London Dream Home Lottery to support the area’s regional hospitals set a new record with all tickets selling out more than a week earlier than last spring.

The lottery has also set a record for its 50/50 draw, reaching a new high of $1.26 million with one lucky winner getting to take home half.

“Our community has done it once again by strongly supporting the Fall Dream Lottery which sold out in record time, and by making the 50/50 jackpot among the largest in the lottery’s history,” says Michelle Campbell, president and CEO of St. Joseph’s Health Care Foundation.

All proceeds from the lottery go to support patient care, programs, and equipment at London’s hospitals. Proceeds will be going to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation, the London Health Sciences Centre and the Children’s Health Foundation.

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The lottery has raised a net of almost $42 million since 1996, helping provide vital resources like cutting-edge equipment and pioneering research at these regional hospitals.

“Thanks to everyone for supporting patient care at our hospitals,” Campbell says, adding that such support “is critical to our community’s health now, more than ever.”

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With the main lottery selling out, all other sales associated with the lottery, like the 50/50 draw and the Making a Difference Calendar, are also now closed.

Dream Lottery’s top prize winner and the 50/50 winner announcements will be moved up from Jan. 7 and broadcast live on Thursday, Dec. 10. All prize results will be posted on the lottery’s website by Thursday, Dec. 17.

Calendar Draw prizes will be announced daily on the lottery website in the months of February, March and April 2021.

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