2 Londoners score big as Dream Lottery winners revealed

Scott Fortnum, CEO of Children's Health Foundation, seen standing on the left. Michelle Campbell, of the St. Joeseph's Hospital Foundation, seen standing to the right. John MacFarlane, CEO of London Health Sciences Foundation, seen centre, calling Grand Prize winner Ken McCann.

A pair of Londoners are the big winners in the latest Dream Lottery draw.

This year’s draw was a little different due to public health measures. The Dream Lottery could not hold its usual media event to reveal the latest 50/50 and Grand Prize winners, but Dream Lottery did call the winners and managed to record their reactions.

Ken McCann, this year’s Grand Prize winner, has the choice between one of two dream homes or a million dollars.

“No. Is this real or … ?” asked McCann as John MacFarlane, president and CEO at London Health Sciences Foundation, reassured him of the win.

“We drew your ticket and your name and you are the ultimate grand prize winner,” MacFarlane said.

McCann says he remembers the day he bought $600 worth of the tickets.

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A second Londoner was a lucky winner in the latest Dream Lottery draw.

Carol Smyrnios is the winner of this year’s 50/50 draw, which will see her take home more than $600,000 in cash.

“Oh my god, I don’t believe it. I can’t believe it,” said Smyrnios, in shock of the news.

“We’re all thrilled for you. It’s great to be able to make this call and congratulations,” said Scott Fortnum, president and CEO of the Children’s Health Foundation.

This year’s draw quickly sold out, despite lottery officials cancelling in-person tours of the dream homes due to the pandemic.

All proceeds from the lottery go to support patient care, programs, and equipment at London’s hospitals. Proceeds will be going to St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation, the London Health Sciences Centre and the Children’s Health Foundation.

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