Sask. Party candidate expresses regret for derogatory actions against women at Craven

Regina Rosemont candidate Alex Nau. Photo courtesy of the Saskatchewan Party

A Saskatchewan Party candidate says he regrets being disrespectful to women at the 2016 Craven Country Jamboree.

Regina Rosemont candidate Alex Nau was involved in creating a drinking game called Wheel of Fun, where options on the wheel included things like chug a beer or show your breasts.

As detailed in a Leader-Post article from July 2016, Nau would call on women to spin the wheel after shouting at them from a trailer that displayed a blowup doll.

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“A number of years ago while at Craven with friends, I was involved in an interview that referenced a ‘wheel of fun’ that included a disrespectful action,” Nau said in a statement on Sunday.

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“I understand how suggesting this action is disrespectful to women and regret my participation. It was wrong. I would not do this again.”

Nau will remain the candidate for Regina Rosemont, the Saskatchewan Party confirmed.

“This behaviour was clearly juvenile, inappropriate and disrespectful and is not condoned by the Saskatchewan Party. Mr. Nau did disclose this and communicated his regret and understanding of how his behaviour was disrespectful,” communications director for the Sask. Party Jim Billington said in a statement.

“Many have made mistakes at a younger age. The Saskatchewan Party takes the position that if one has learned from their mistakes and corrected their behavior, it should not disqualify you from running for office.”

Nau’s comments were first uncovered by political commentator Tammy Roberts on Saturday after Saskatchewan Party Leader Scott Moe said his party has a thorough vetting process on all its candidates.

On Sunday, Moe was campaigning in Saskatoon, where he took the opportunity to reiterate his party’s vetting process.

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“We have a very thorough vetting process,” Moe said. “We also have very high expectations for how they conduct themselves once they are deemed appropriate.”

Nau is the second Sask. Party candidate to come under fire in recent days. On Saturday, Daryl Cooper resigned from the campaign after he promoted COVID-19 conspiracy theories on his social media page that undermined scientific evidence.

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Daryl Cooper resigns from Saskatchewan Party campaign after advancing COVID-19 conspiracies

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