Saskatchewan government releases COVID-19 guidelines for Halloween, Thanksgiving

Click to play video 'Saskatchewan government releases COVID-19 guidelines for Halloween, Thanksgiving' Saskatchewan government releases COVID-19 guidelines for Halloween, Thanksgiving
Many fall activities are being given the green light by the province, including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Although, it will look a bit different this year as the province released guidelines Friday – Sep 25, 2020

While many events have been cancelled this year due to COVID-19, the Saskatchewan government is giving the go-ahead for people to get their candy or turkey fix this fall.

Even though trick-or-treating will be allowed this Halloween, it will look a bit different this year under provincial guidelines released Friday.

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Physical distancing is emphasized and people are encouraged to wait turns when approaching houses.

For those houses or neighbourhoods anticipating a high volume of traffic, it’s recommended people place tape markers every two meters between doorways and sidewalks.

When handing out candy, people are encouraged to use tools such as tongs, to hand out candy at a distance.

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It’s also recommended that only store-bought wrapped treats be distributed. Trick-or-treaters are encouraged to consider disinfecting the wrappers with wipes, or avoid holding the candy 72 hours before consuming.

Additionally, commonly touched areas such as doorbells, handrails and doorknobs, should be frequently cleaned and disinfected by residents while handing out candy.

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Trick-or-treaters are also encouraged to carry hand sanitizer with them and consider incorporating non-medical masks into their costumes.

People handing out candy should also consider wearing non-medical masks where two meters of physical distance cannot be maintained.

The guidelines further recommend that when possible, only one person hand out candy per residence.

As for mall and retail trick-or-treating, the province said outlets must also comply with these guidelines and must follow the clothing and retail guidelines as part of their operations.

Some more good news for those wanting to get their spook on, Haunted Houses have also been given the green light.

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According to guidelines specific to Halloween attractions, organizers must implement one-way traffic to promote physical distancing.

Markings or dividers along with visual cues must also be used in common areas to ensure physical distancing. Non-medical masks are also recommended.

As for cleaning, hand sanitizer must be available and commonly, high- touch surfaces must be frequently sanitized with a Health Canada-approved product.

Lastly, walk-through times between groups must be a minimum of 10 minutes apart to avoid congestion.


As a result of surging coronavirus case counts, the province has also provided a set of guidelines for safe celebrations at Thanksgiving.

Shared meals between non-household members or people who are not in the same extended household are discouraged.

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The guidelines state that any private indoor or outdoor event that includes food service, can have a maximum of 30 people, if there is enough space to maintain physical distancing. If physical distancing can’t be maintained, then the province said gathering sizes should be smaller.

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Also, potlucks, shared platters and buffets are discouraged. Health officials recommending all food be plated and prepared by one person. Catering or restaurant delivery is also included for consideration.

It’s further recommended that vulnerable individuals, such as seniors and those with underlying health conditions, receive their food first to minimize cross-contamination.

Lastly, guests and hosts are encouraged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer prior to eating, as well as before and after handling food or food packaging.

A complete list of guidelines for fall events and activities can be found here.