Kelowna artists design mural for outreach society

Click to play video: 'Kelowna artists design mural for  Metro Community' Kelowna artists design mural for Metro Community
Kelowna artists design mural for Metro Community – Sep 7, 2020

The latest mural completed in Kelowna is filled with hidden meaning, all connected by a thin red line.

“You notice the red ribbon that winds through the whole thing,” said artist Dylan Ranney. “It’s the red road to recovery, as Diane [Larsback] would say, it’s the thread that carries us… takes us down the path of healing, it’s there for everyone, no matter what stage someone is on with their struggle, the mural is a symbol of hope.”

The mural, designed by Liz Ranney, is a collaboration with Metro Community, an outreach society that works with people who are experiencing homelessness in Kelowna. It is in memory of Kelowna poet Diane Larsback, who herself experienced homeless. She passed away suddenly in January 2019.

One of her quotes now immortalized in the colourful mural: “I am a miracle, I am not alone.”

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“Some of the symbolism of the birds and the freedom they bring,” said Graham Ord, Metro Community worship and art director. “There’s a verse in psalms in the Bible that says that at the altar of God there’s a place for sparrows and there’s a place for swifts or swallows and that means there’s a place for the lowly common person and there’s a place for the noble.”

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For the last two weeks, Ranney has been working to bring his wife’s creation to life on the wall of the courtyard of Metro Community where people come together, have something to eat and escape the elements.

“One of the things we wanted to [because] we recognize we are in a community here as well we wanted to do something that beautified the place as well to make the place beautiful the community as well as a gift really not only to our community but to the wider community we are in,” said Ord.

After the final touches are done an anti-graffiti clear coat will be put over the mural so it remains in place to inspire onlookers for years to come.

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