Apology made after video appears to show man jumping onto moving TTC bus, officials call act ‘incredibly dumb’

Click to play video: 'Incredibly dangerous and incredibly dumb:’ TTC officials condemn stunt on moving bus' Incredibly dangerous and incredibly dumb:’ TTC officials condemn stunt on moving bus
WATCH ABOVE: A video posted to Instagram shows a person climbing onto a moving TTC bus by Union Station. The illegal stunt is receiving criticism from transit authorities who are now investigating. Miranda Anthistle reports – Aug 24, 2020

Stunning video posted to Instagram appears to show a man jumping onto a moving TTC bus and walking around on its roof in downtown Toronto.

The video was posted on Saturday and in it a man can been seen running after the bus, climbing onto the back of it, and then making it up to the top where he walks along for several seconds as Know Yourself by Drake played in the background.

“I was told I would never be able to walk again,” said Yaya, the man who posted the video.

“I’m trying to be more creative with it [parkour]… and also as a demonstration that everything is possible.”

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Yaya’s username on Instagram is @ParkourPorpoise. He won’t confirm that he is the man in the video, but he didn’t deny it either. The account has numerous videos showing off parkour – the sport of moving along a route in the fastest way possible, by running, climbing and jumping.

He said this video was meant to inspire, but at the same time he said he doesn’t want people copying the content.

“I’m strongly against anybody doing anything they see on my channel. People should never do those things at all … and the actions in this video do not reflect the parkour community or any of its practioners,” said Yaya.

Transit officials are also advising the same thing. TTC spokesperson Stuart Green called the behaviour depicted in the video “incredibly dangerous and incredibly dumb.”

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“The person who posted this video claims to be an expert and encourages others not to try it, but that doesn’t mean others won’t try it. Nobody should be doing this… it sets a bad example for anyone who thinks it’s a fun or cool thing to do.”

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Yaya said he is now apologizing on behalf of the person who is in the video, adding they didn’t think the video would draw so much attention or criticism.

“I would like to, or obviously the person in the video would love to, apologize to the TTC for putting themselves at risk on one of their vehicles. I understand, or the person in the video kinda understands, that’s not so cool,” he said.

TTC officials said they are now investigating the incident. The person in the video could face fines of up to $235 and could be issued a summons to appear in provincial court.

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