New Brunswick election: Memramcook-Tantramar

Green incumbent Megan Mitton retains Memramcook-Tantramar seat in the 2020 election.

Riding background

The 2013 redistricting process saw portions of the former Memramcook-Lakeville-Dieppe riding and the Tantramar riding merged.

The decision was very controversial to members of the province’s francophone community, who took legal action to challenge the redistricting. They claimed they were being forced into an anglophone riding.


Liberal: Maxime Bourgeois

Progressive Conservative: Carole Duguay

Green: Megan Mitton (incumbent)

People’s Alliance: Heather Collins

    • Was removed as the People’s Alliance of New Brunswick candidate after an Islamophobic tweet was made public. However, will remain on the ballot as a PA candidate as the removal came after ballots were printed

Independent: Jefferson George Wright

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Green Party candidate Megan Mitton won a squeaker of a race against incumbent Liberal Bernard LeBlanc in 2018.

Only nine votes separated the two of them. The official result showed Mitton earning 38.3 per cent of the vote and LeBlanc getting 38.2 per cent.

PC candidate Etienne Gaudet earned 18.5 per cent of the vote while NDP candidate Hélène Boudreau earned five per cent.


Two sitting MLAs faced off for the new seat in the 2014 election: Mike Olscamp, PC incumbent for the Trantramar riding and Bernard LeBlanc, Liberal incumbent for Memramcook-Lakeville-Dieppe.

LeBlanc would go on to win the election by earning 45.6 per cent of the vote. Olscamp earned 26.5 per cent.


Liberal incumbent Bernard LeBlanc retained his seat in the 2010 election in the riding of Memramcook-Lakeville-Dieppe.

PC incumbent Mike Oslcamp retained his seat in the 2010 election in the riding of Tantramar.