Tornado that hit Sturgeon Point in City of Kawartha Lakes classified as EF1

Drone footage of the June 23 tornado which struck Sturgeon Point in the City of Kawartha Lakes. Northern Tornadoes Project

A tornado, which touched down in the City of Kawartha Lakes last month, has been classified as EF1, according to researchers.

The storm struck the Sturgeon Point area in the afternoon of June 23. The twister’s winds damaged a dock and a barn near the shoreline of Sturgeon Lake, about 30 km north of Lindsay.

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No one was injured in the incident.

Environment Canada did not investigate the storm damage. Rather, researchers with the Western University-based Northern Tornadoes Project were assigned to assess whether the storm was, in fact, a tornado.

The Northern Tornadoes Project is a partnership between Western University and ImpactWx.

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On Tuesday, they released details of their assessment, determining the damage was caused by an EF1 tornado which had a maximum wind gust of 145 km/h.

The twister left a swath of a lengthy five kilometres, with a maximum width of 120 metres.

“In addition to damaging a dock, the tornado ripped off half of a barn roof and tossed it (approximately) 100 metres,” the researchers shared on Twitter.

An EF1 tornado is the second weakest on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. An EF1 is for any twister with wind speeds between 138 km/h and 177 km/h.

Musician Madison Kozak says her boathouse was destroyed by a suspected tornado in the Sturgeon Lake area of the City of Kawartha Lakes on June 23. Courtesy Madison Kozak

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