Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord takes questions from the public at board meeting

Delta police chief’s wife under investigation by Surrey RCMP for alleged assault
The Surrey RCMP are now investigating the alleged assault of a woman by the wife of Delta Police Department Chief Constable Neil Dubord. Catherine Urquhart Reports.

The public got the chance Tuesday morning to ask questions on the controversial investigation into Delta Police Chief Neil Dubord’s wife, Lorraine, questioning the department’s handling of an assault complaint.

The incident involved Surrey woman Kiran Sidhu who reported she was forced to climb over large rocks that line several property lines, including Dubord’s property.

Due to high tide coming in quickly, Sidhu said she gripped a glass fence belonging to the Dubords.

When she touched a fence on the property, Sidhu alleges Dubord’s wife, Lorraine, yelled at her, compared her to a beached whale, and told her to go back where she came from. She also alleges that the woman sprayed her in the face with a hose.

A member of the public asked the police board if rocks at Centennial Beach are public property, specifically the rocks near the Dubords’ home, where the incident happened.

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Delta Mayor and board chair George Harvie simply said, yes.

“They are there to provide additional protection for the seawalls during our winter storms. So far as this piece of property, they were done in accordance with the building permit that was issued though the city. Are the rocks on public property? Yes they are”.

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Harvie said he understood the public had questions surrounding the alleged incident and the board would not “shy away” from tough questions.

Dubord began the  meeting by reiterating sections of his statement released Monday on the Delta Police Department’s website, which included stating “the matter at hand in no way reflects the values and commitment to the community of the officers of the Delta Police Department, nor my own values.”

One member of the public questioned Chief Dubord’s personal values.

In his answer, Dubord only referenced values of the investigation pertaining to the police department.

“What I can say without speaking specifically to the investigative steps is that trust, specifically public trust is our number one priority. This matter in itself has brought forward the fact that the same excellence in policing, the public has come to expect, they can expect in all investigations as they can expect on this one. That public trust is the important key factor I was speaking to”

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Another question directed to the board touched on accountability: “Is there actually going to be accountability, we all know the answer is…… no, so how is this time going to be any different?”

Deputy Chief Norm Lipinski said the department followed policy.

“In reference to this incident, it’s important for everyone to know that established practices have been followed…I must say this level of oversight is not standard practice.”

Harvie stressed if the public had any more questions, to email them.

Surrey RCMP are now investigating the alleged assault.