Toronto joins Pride at Work Canada to promote workplace inclusion for LGBTQ2 people

The city raised the Pride and Transgender Pride flags above city hall at the beginning of Pride month, despite the city's LGBTQ2 advisory committee calling on city officials not to do so. Don Mitchell / Global News

The City of Toronto has joined forces with Pride at Work, a non-profit organization that helps promote inclusion in the workplace for those who are part of LGBTQ2 communities.

New resources for Toronto city workers will be created to help create more inclusive spaces and provide practical tips for workers to better understand the community.

The City said it will launch new e-learning opportunities to better understand gender and sexual orientation and launch a new tool that will support employees who are transitioning.

In a press release sent out Friday, the City said it continues to support workplaces that recognize LGBTQ2 employees as an important part of “a diverse and effective workplace.”

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“The City of Toronto’s motto is ‘Diversity Our Strength’ and I am proud that the City is a new member of Pride at Work Canada,” Mayor John Tory said.

“This membership, alongside the City’s numerous initiatives existing and new initiatives, further demonstrates our commitment to making the City an organization that proactively seeks to fully engage the talents, expertise, and contribution of our LGBTQ2S+ employees and residents to further improve our workplace culture for everyone and create equitable outcomes for all of Toronto.”

The month of June is Pride Month in Toronto, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Toronto Pride Parade was cancelled. A virtual Pride Festival will take place Sunday at 2 p.m.

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