Saskatchewan driving tests resume, post-coronavirus shutdown

SGI road test changes during the COVID-19 pandemic
WATCH; Are you planning for a road test during the COVID-19 pandemic? SGI's Tyler McMurchy joins Global Morning News to detail the changes for driver tests to ensure physical distancing.

Driving tests have started back up in Saskatchewan.

As of Thursday, SGI has reopened road tests to the public.

Appointments will have to be booked in advance as safety measures remain in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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All drivers who are required to take a road test for any class of driver’s license or motorcycle will be able to make an appointment online.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down driving tests in all classes in mid-March.

“Due to testing being unavailable or highly restricted for the past several months, it’s expected that there will be a high demand for road tests, so drivers are asked to be patient,” SGI said in a press release.

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Those working in health care and agriculture will receive priority booking.

Anyone who can not get an appointment will be placed on a waiting list and contacted by phone or email when an appointment becomes available.

SGI on distracted driving
SGI on distracted driving

SGI hired additional staff to deal with the increased demand in testing which will be available in Regina (two locations), Saskatoon (two locations), Prince Albert, North Battleford, Yorkton, Meadow Lake, Humboldt, Weyburn, Kindersley, Lloydminster, Tisdale, Estevan and Moose Jaw.

All applicants will be required to bring a cellphone, preferably one with Bluetooth capabilities, during their road test.

SGI will provide a dash camera to record the person taking the driving test and the view out the windshield.

The examiner will follow the driver in a separate vehicle. They will provide instructions to the applicant via a hands-free cellphone or Bluetooth.

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Whether the driver passes or fails will be determined on what the cameras recorded and what the examiner observed during the test.

As a safety precaution, those taking a driving test will need to be supervised by a driver who lives in the same household. They will not be allowed to assist the person taking the test. This only applies to Class 5 road tests.