Dog on the loose seized by Calgary bylaw officers after multiple attacks reported

Calgary bylaw officers seized a dog from Saddle Ridge on Wednesday, June 18, 2020. Global News

Calgary bylaw officers seized a dog from the community of Saddle Ridge on Wednesday afternoon after it reportedly bit multiple people, including a 10-year-old girl.

EMS said they received two calls at around 2 p.m. for reports of a dog on the loose, one from Saddlecrest Close Northeast and another from Saddlebrooke Point Northeast.

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According to EMS, paramedics arrived at Saddlecrest Close to find a 10-year-old with a dog bite on her hand. The girl, who was with her mother at the time, was taken to hospital in stable condition.

A few blocks away at Saddlebrooke Point, paramedics located a woman who had a dog bite on her shoulder. She was assessed at the scene and declined transportation to the hospital.

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Calgary police said in total, six people were bitten by the dog.

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According to a spokesperson for Calgary Community Standards, a Great Pyrenees type was located and taken to animal services.

Officials say the investigation is ongoing and they’re still in the process of speaking with witnesses and victims, but that the owner of the dog has been identified.

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