Two firefighters injured, three dogs saved after Borebank Street blaze

Two firefighters injured in Borebank blaze in Winnipeg
Several animals were rescued but two firefighters suffered minor injuries in a fire on Borebank Street Thursday.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries after a River Heights blaze Thursday evening.

Fire crews arrived on scene at Borebank Street just after 5 p.m., when the garage was almost fully engulfed in flames.

“You could just hear it, sizzling, and like extreme flames,” said James Green, who witnessed the blaze from across the street.

A heroic rescue was also performed by a man nearby. Two dogs were safely removed from the home and returned to their owners.

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“One guy came running full sprint, went into the home, saved I believe two animals. I know there was three so I don’t know what happened to the third,” said Green.

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“His hair was smoking; it was quite the scene.”

That man was Taren Gesell, who said the fire “was a lot smaller when I went over there.”

Taren Gesell ran into a burning building to save animals.
Taren Gesell ran into a burning building to save animals. Kim Babij/Submitted

He and a friend ran down the street and went through the front door.

“We just opened the door and basically stepped in a foot or so and called [the dogs] and they came out right away,” he said, adding there were three dogs rescued.
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“It was a lot less heroic than what it might sound from what some people are saying.”

The dogs included a 150-pound Mastiff, a six-pound Yorkie, and a tiny Mini-Pomeranian.

“Paramedics assessed two firefighters who sustained minor injuries,” said the City of Winnipeg in a release.

“Neither firefighter required transportation to hospital.”

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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