Lethbridge woman wakes up to stranger sleeping on her couch

Lethbridge woman wakes up to find stranger sleeping on her couch
A Lethbridge woman woke up to an unwanted surprise Friday morning: a man she did not know sleeping on her couch. Taz Dhaliwal tells us what happened when the woman called police.
When 57-year-old Donna Murray woke up Friday morning, nothing seemed amiss; she got into her wheelchair and headed to the living room.
There, she found a stranger sleeping on her couch with a yellow blanket, according to a post she made on Facebook.
“I called out to him, thinking I could wake him up and have him leave,” Murray explained. “He did not respond to my calls and I realized I was going to need some help to get him out.”
Within minutes of dialing 911, Murray says police arrived to resolve the situation.
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According to police, the man claimed he thought he entered a different home belonging to a relative.
This incident comes approximately one year after a 75-year-old Lethbridge woman was sent to hospital after she was found badly beaten in her home after a stranger broke in.
“I have lived in my home for 28 years and I have never not felt safe here,” Murray said.
Murray admits she forgot to lock her doors, and will use this as a learning experience, but she is still shaken up by the occurrence.
“That doesn’t mean a stranger can come into my home and make himself at home,”
She says she will not be pressing charges, and counts herself lucky. There was no damage to the home and nothing was stolen. The man was also cooperative with police and did not resist.
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“Thankfully, the man on the couch never did move until the officer arrived and removed him, so I was very fortunate.”