Winnipeg woman speaks out after degrading comments by NHL players: ‘I was shocked’

Click to play video: 'Woman on receiving end of degrading, misogynistic NHL player group chat speaks out'
Woman on receiving end of degrading, misogynistic NHL player group chat speaks out
WATCH: Nicole Zajac says she was "shocked" to learn people she knew were having private, explicit and degrading conversations about her in a private group chat – May 7, 2020

One of the women who was targeted by a group of Winnipeg-born hockey players in an offensive and misogynistic group chat is speaking out to Global News.

On Wednesday, a private group chat involving NHL player Brendan Leipsic was made public on social media.

The chat, involving the Washington Capitals player, his brother Jeremey Leipsic, Florida Panthers prospect Jack Rodewald and others, contained dozens of misogynistic messages degrading women, fat-shaming them and speaking about each other’s sexual conquests.

One of the women who was central in their chat was 22-year-old Nicole Zajac, who grew up with some of the players and calls them “acquaintances.”

“I was shocked,” she said in an interview with Global News.

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For years, Zajac has made her living growing a following on Instagram and dedicating her social media page to body positivity and making women feel good about themselves.

So when she saw her pictures with “oink, oink” comments made by the men, or calling her fat, she was hurt.

“There is so much more to you than your looks,” she said. “You are worth so much more than the number on the scale.”

“I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am… to accept my own body. I’ve been sent multiple hateful messages in my lifetime. But for each hateful message, I probably get 1,000 positives.”

Nicole Zajac / Instagram

Late Wednesday night, Leipsic posted an apology on social media and said his friend’s Instagram account had been hacked.

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The Washington Capitals and the National Hockey League released their own statements condemning the actions of the players involved.

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While a number of local Winnipeg women were on the receiving end of the men’s comments, they also targeted current and former teammates, their wives and girlfriends.

In response to a photo posted by the Vancouver Canucks that featured Tanner Pearson greeting his young son and his wife, Meaghan Pearson, Leipsic insulted the appearance of Pearson’s wife.

Leipsic also made comments about the appearance of Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid’s girlfriend as well as sexual comments and criticism of the appearances of other women.

“We’re all different. We all have different bodies, different unique things about ourselves,” she said.

“Instead of not celebrating them and hearing hateful messages about yourself… we can take away from this and take a step towards all of us loving our bodies.”

Zajac said two of the men involved in the chats have reached out to her to apologize after the private messages were made public. She is hoping this incident can be used as a lesson and has a message to all of the women who were targetted.

“I hope this progresses us in a way to celebrate our bodies and our diversity with the world because if it doesn’t we are just getting upset for no reason,” Zajac said.

“Something positive should come out of this.”

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