City pegs initial cost of Calgary flood at $256.6 million

CALGARY – City officials have released a preliminary estimate of just how much it will cost to fix flood-damaged infrastructure.

The initial flood-restoration estimate from the City of Calgary is $256.6 million, according to a report released in a committee meeting on Tuesday.

However, the report stresses that cost could be as much as 50% lower, or 100% higher.

Some of the biggest costs included:

$12 m to major parks
$26.5 m to city buildings including city hall
$10 m to three pedestrian bridges
$8.2 m to south LRT corridor
$8 m to civic and McDougall parkades
$34 m to riverbank repairs
$18 m to water treatment plants
$31 m to police admin building
$50 m to Calgary Zoo

The City of Calgary remains in a local state of emergency, which was declared on June 20th amidst flooding at both the Bow and Elbow River.


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