‘Celebrity IOU’: Drew and Jonathan Scott say they ‘have a little extra help’ in new series

Click to play video: 'Brad Pitt makes his HGTV debut with the Property Brothers'
Brad Pitt makes his HGTV debut with the Property Brothers
Brad Pitt makes his HGTV debut with the Property Brothers – Apr 20, 2020

Property Brothers stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have added a new HGTV Canada series to their roster titled Celebrity IOU.

The new series enlists Hollywood A-listers who express their deep gratitude to the individuals who have had a major impact on their lives by surprising them with home renovations.

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The series premiered on April 13 at 10 p.m. ET/PT and it stars the Scott brothers as they help each celebrity with a special renovation.

The season’s celebrity lineup includes Brad PittMelissa McCarthyViola DavisRebel Wilson and Michael Bublé.

In each episode, the celebrities share an authentic, inside look into their personal lives and get hands-on with Drew and Jonathan to imagine a design plan and create a customized space that rewards mentors, friends and family members.

Global News asked The Scott brothers about Celebrity IOU, how they are staying entertained during quarantine and much more.

How does Celebrity IOU stand out compared to all of the other shows you have?
JONATHAN: Well, we typically are not hanging out on a job site with Melissa McCarthy and Michael Bublé! But in some ways, Celebrity IOU is a lot like a Property Brothers episode, in that someone is going to be able to enjoy their home in a way they never have.
DREW: This time, we have a little extra help.

What are you most excited for viewers to see?
DREW: We’re really excited for people to see how much heart is behind these projects. Every one of the celebrities featured in the series knew exactly who in their lives they wanted to this for.
JONATHAN: We told Viola Davis about the concept when we bumped into her at the Emmys in 2015. In a matter of a few minutes, she told us that she was totally in for the project and had the recipient in mind. Every single episode is so emotional and meaningful for everyone involved. We literally cried non-stop!

What was your experience like watching the celebrities give back to people that have made huge impacts on their lives?
JONATHAN: For us, it was fun to see celebrities get in there and talk about the stuff we’re doing every day: knocking down walls, what kind of lighting and design they wanted — things you would never, ever think they cared about.
DREW: But they cared about it because they cared so much about the people who they were helping, the people who have given them tremendous opportunities in life.

How does it feel to transform people’s lives through their homes?
JONATHAN: It never gets old — how could it? You watch a family who has been working and saving and doing the things that we all do — they walk into their transformed home, and their eyes just completely light up. Their kids run around the whole house looking for what else is new.
DREW: And you know that, when you leave, they’re going to have so many more of those moments together. That’s an amazing feeling.

Does the show give a deeper look into some of these celebrities’ lives?
DREW: We think so, but in ways you might not expect. You get to learn about who made them who they are today, and you also learn about how they’re really fun and sweet people who just happen to be gigantic stars.
JONATHAN: We had no idea how much Brad [Pitt] knows about architecture and design. He absolutely loved everything about the renovation process from designing, to choosing the materials, to decorating for the big reveal.
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Who would you say has made a big impact on your life? 
DREW: Our parents, no question. They taught us the importance of doing hard, honest work.
JONATHAN: They taught us what it means to be a family… and how to survive raising three boys.

What have you been doing to keep yourself entertained during quarantine?
JONATHAN: Like everyone else, we’re looking to make the most of this time and even with this isolation, finding ways to still connect with friends and family in meaningful ways. Zooey (girlfriend Zooey Deschanel) and I have been playing a lot of records and cooking. I’m also committed to learning how to play the piano — something I have dreamed of doing for years but never had the time to dedicate to.
DREW: Linda (wife Linda Phan) and I are finding it comforting to be present with one another, doing things puzzles, playing games, and connecting with family over Zoom and FaceTime. I have weekly guitar sessions with my dad, and I have loved that since we never do it anymore and he’s the one who taught me to play when I was a kid.
JONATHAN: We’re also reminding ourselves that we’re fortunate to be healthy and safe. We are extremely grateful to the health-care workers, service workers and others who are helping all of us get through this together.

Celebrity IOU airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

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