Emergency response de-escalated in Saskatoon as flows reduced from Gardiner Dam

SASKATOON – The City of Saskatoon has de-escalated emergency response measures as the Water Security Agency (WSA) prepares to reduce the outflow from Lake Diefenbaker.

The WSA will be reducing the outflow from Gardiner Dam to 1,500 cubic metres a second on Friday afternoon.

Civic departments will continue to monitor the situation as the water recedes on the river.

Despite the de-escalation, city officials say the river and banks are still dangerous and say people are ignoring the warnings and continue to visit the river’s edge, going as far as to knock down chain-link fences around problem areas.

Officials are also warning people the river should be avoided and rescue attempts will not be possible if a person or pet enters the water due to the strong current as it would place first responders in grave danger.

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Earlier today, a man was carried one kilometre downstream from the traffic bridge to the weir in a short period of time before being rescued by police.

Police are also increasing patrols and enforcement in the restricted areas.

Trails along the river remain closed and further closures may be coming for safety reasons.

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