Water treatment plant barrier holding off floodwaters in NB

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sask. – Crews worked tirelessly throughout Tuesday night to construct a 720 foot long protective barrier for a water treatment plant in North Battlford.

As water levels on the North Saskatchewan River threaten infrastructure and residents along the riverbanks, the North Battleford’s Water Treatment Plant No.1 is a little safer with 600 tons of sand protecting it.

The city says water has reached the barrier.

Water Treatment Plant No. 1 was shut down yesterday as a precaution. The F.E. Holliday Water Treatment Plant continues to operate. Residents of North Battleford are under a outdoor watering ban until levels recede on the river.

“We can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication of all the resources that came together and stayed to help the City. We are very thankful,” said Brian Wilson, deputy fire chief of operations.

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“The North Saskatchewan River is not expected to peak until later this afternoon,” said Wilson.

The local fire department is urging residents to stay clear of the river, off the banks and away from any flooded areas.

On Tuesday, The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) said it was predicting a higher flow than first thought, peaking at 3,800 cubic metres per second.

If the predictions are true, Wilson said flooding is possible throughout the Battlefords River Valley.

Residential and commercial flooding is not a huge concern because the city of North Battleford is located on higher ground.

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